Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development


Don’t just play on your smartphone — program it   Barack Obama

Thank you Mr. President. It’s needless to say how big mobile software development is nowadays. In fact, mobile apps are the software industry’s hot topic. They are the latest technology in its evolution, and the most prominent commodity in the marketplace these days.

The major mobile device platforms, iPhone and Android monopolize 90% of the market. Smartphones are small computers which are becoming ever more powerful. They will be suitable for an increasing number of tasks which have previously been restricted to laptops or desktops.

Mobile devices are considerably more personal and intimate devices than a laptop or desktop device. Most users barely allow their phones to be more than a metre away, 24/7. Imagine how attractive it is for marketeers of consumer goods, food and other services across the planet to be able to place their products and services so close to their customers!

Mobile OS

Mobile OS

Our course

The learning objectives of the Mobile Development Course are: To acquire the skill necessary to develop mobile App’s incorporating the newest in advanced technologies offered in Apple’s iOS and Google Android releases. At the end of the course, students will have completed a full featured application that can be submitted to the App store or Google Play.

The course can be based on Swift (iOS) programming, or Android programming, student’s choice. Both courses may be taken, but not in unison.

Amongst other things, in both cases you will learn:

  • Extensive knowledge of Swift or Android.
  • Specific features of the new language.
  • Fundamentals of MVC architecture.
  • To build and design GUIs.
  • To incorporate third-party API.
  • To acquire the skill necessary to develop complete mobile apps.
  • Packaging and publishing.

Personalized assistance and always human attention.

  • You’ll never be overwhelmed or bored.
  • You can measure your progress every day.
  • You will not have to study tons of theory, 100% practical.
  • I will not be your instructor, I will be your buddy.

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